Aerial Drone Photography and Filming for Photos and Videos in North Yorkshire


Aerialshots4u provides photography, filming and video services for aerial photographs and videos. It is a aerial video and photographic drone company with operators located in Richmond, North Yorkshire, Northern England UK.
Aerial photography can be used for Real Estate, Estate Agents, Property Inspection, Agriculture, Surveying, Surveys, Promotional Business Photographs, Videos and Films for Advertising, Websites etc


Using our zoom lens we are able to take photos from a safe distance from subjects. This can enable us to comply with CAA rules in an awkward situation. Also for surveying buildings we can fly further away from the subject if need be.
Below are two photos taken from the same distance. The second photo uses the zoom setting.

Photo with normal focal length.


Photo taken with the Drone at the same position as the photo above but with the use of a zoom lens.


Photo below taken with Zoom Lens.

Photo as above cropped and digitally enlarged.

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